about IVP

Iraq Venture Partners is the first Baghdad based early-stage Venture Capital firm. IVP is launched to provide smart capital to exceptional Iraqi ventures.

Founded by some of the pioneers of the Iraq ecosystem—Omar Al-Handal (The Station), Bassam Falah (Innovest ME, Ruwwad Al Iraq), and Mohammed Khudairi (Iraq Tech Ventures)—IVP’s mission is to unlock the immense potential of the next big MENA frontier market.

IVP Catalyst

Iraq Venture Partners first vehicle is IVP Catalyst. IVP Catalyst is an early-stage fund, with a focus on investing in high-growth technology startups.

IVP Catalyst invests 6 figures tickets at the pre-seed, seed, and pre-series A stages. IVP Catalyst is sector agnostic with the objective of providing smart capital to exceptional Iraqi ventures.

IVP couples IVP Catalyst investments with investment readiness support tailored toward the specific needs of rapidly-scaling Iraqi businesses.

IVP Portfolio

Cross-border e-commerce platform that provides consumers with logistics and payment solutions for sought-after goods only available on foreign sites.

our Partners

The Station, Baghdad’s premier co-working space, has been home to hundreds of startups and routinely hosts entrepreneurial programs and training for Iraqi entrepreneurs. The Station has recently set up Mosul’s first co-working space and has plans to launch in Basra.

Innovest Middle East was one of the earliest regional VCs to enter Iraq, investing behind some of the most promising Iraqi startups as well as establishing Ruwwad Al Iraq (aka IRAQPRENEURS), one of the key active enablers in the Iraqi startup space.

Iraq Tech Ventures was the first to coordinate a fundraising round of its kind in an Iraqi startup in 2018. Through its syndicate of investors, it has raised millions of dollars for Iraqi startups and brought both local and international investors into the Iraqi startup ecosystem.